4 Axis Milling


4 Axis Milling

4 Axis Milling

We operate 3 CNC milling centers with 4 axis capability, 2 vertical and one horizontal. The fourth axis allows us to carry out machining with fewer set up changes through insitu face changes as well as machining curved features and more complex profiles. Machines with 4th axis include:

Niigata SPN50 - 749(x) 749(y) 749(z) mm (horizontal)

Hurco BMC 3017 HT/M - 762(x) 431(y) 609(z) mm

Hurco BMC 30 HT/M - 762(x) 457(y) 609(z) mm

Horizontal 4 Axis CNC Milling

The horizontal Niigata SPN50 machine offers high production rates with its twin horizontal rotating pallets and spindle speeds of 50-12,000 RPM. The machine also offers helical interppolation (thread milling), a table probe, tool breakage detector and automatic tool length measurement & offset. Typically this machine will be used for high volume production of small components with each pallet being loaded with up to 16 components at a time.

Vertical 4 Axis CNC Milling

Our vertical CNC Milling centers, the Hurco BMC 3017 and 30 HT/M's offer the abaility to machine complex surfaces and areas otherwise unreachable on 3 axis machines including pockets and holes to be cut around a cylindrical part as well as machining conventional components on 4 faces in one operation. 4 axis CNC machingin of conventional components can also result in higher productivity for large batches.

You can see a number of examples of our multi-axis cnc milling work in the gallery.

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