CNC Milling



CNC Milling

Aerocomponents standardise on Hurco CNC Milling technology. This allows us immense versatility in production capacity and maintenance windows. We operate a total of 18 CNC machining stations in our spacious reading facility operating around the clock giving us a total of 2160 man hours CNC Milling capacity per week.

The Hurco VM1

Hurco VM1 CNC MillingWe base production around the Hurco VM1 which is our primary work horse. With its 660 x 355 x 457mm work envelope we can machine most components with great precision and repeatability. These machines offer positioning of ±5µm, repeatability of ±3µm and spindle speeds of upto 8,000 RPM.

All of our CNC milling machines are hard wired to the design department which is equipped with both Alphacam and the Hurco Ultimax 4 CAM Milling package. This allows us to ensure quality control through full CAD/CAM management including tool path simulation and collision control. However, all machines are equipped with Hurcos WinMax control software which allows our operatives to carry out both conversational and NC programming on the machine. Because all our machines run the same controls we can afford considerable flexibility in manpower and avoid queuing.

A full range of our plant can be found here.

CNC Milling

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