Plant List



Plant List

Prismatic Machining Centres

10 off Hurco VMI Machining Centres
5 off Hurco VMX30U 5 Axis Machining Centres
1 off Hurco BMC3017 HT/M CNC Machining Centres
1 off Hurco VM10UI 5 Axis Machining Centre
2 off Hurco VMX30S Machining Centres with 5 Axis Attachments
1 off Hurco VMX24S CNC Machining Centre
2 off
Hurco VMX30U Machining Centres

Cylindrical Machining

1 off Haas SL-30 SE Turning Centre
1 off Haas SL-10 SE Turning Centre
5 off Haas SL20 Turning Centres
2 off Hurco TM10i Turning Centres
1 off Okuma L B1511 CNC Lathe
1 off Hardinge HCT Turret Lathe
1 off Colchester Triumph 2000 Lathe

Conventional Milling

3 off Bridgeport BRJ Vertical Turret Mill

Production Control

An eight user network running the complete suite of 'Prodman 9000' computerised management software.

Quality Control

1 off Mitutoyo B706 Co-ordinate Measuring M/C
1 off Etalon Derby Manual Co-ordinate M/C
1 off Mitutoyo PV600 Profile Projector
1 off Mitutoyo PJ300 Profile Projector
2 off Mitutoyo Toolmakers Microscopes
1 off Wilson Rockwell Hardness Tester
Various other gauges & equipment
All the above are calibrated with traceability to national standards and controlled by a computerised calibration system.

CAD/CAM Systems

Software Interface
Licom System
Advanced 3D/3Axis Mill
Alpha Edit + RS232 Comms
Including DNC Links

3D x XYD Points
Hurco Ultimax 4
CAM Milling Package


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