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Our CAD & CAM services can help design and manufacture prototypes and finished products offering reliable and accurate scheduling every time to deliver a rapid turnaround.

Our CAD & CAM process

Our computer-aided design and manufacturing services can help you design and manufacture prototypes and finished products. Using innovative and top of the line, hyperMILL® Open Mind software, we can produce the simplest to the most complex components.  Our in-house programmers enable us to ensure reliable, high-quality designs.


Geometric modeling

This is a mathematical technique that is done by using simulation software. It shows the object from the math formula through computer graphics.


Engineering analysis

This is the process of checking the strength of moving objects to determine how they will work in the real world.


Review and Evaluation

The design is reviewed and evaluated with the help of CAD software. Also, the feasibility of the design is checked.


Automatic drafting

The design is checked to see if it meets product specifications. The design is then saved automatically.

hyperMILL® Software

hyperMILL® CAM software offers powerful and precise functions for 3D milling. hyperMILL® also enables the production of simple and complex components with high-quality surfaces generated quickly, reliably and efficiently.

Paul Greenhouse

Site Materials Lead, Honeywell Hymatic

Aerocomponents have a wide range of machinery and high technical ability to manufacture the most complex components. They have a highly skilled workforce who are always open to achieve any challenge put upon them

Nigel Kay

General Manager, NAMMO Cheltenham

Highly recommend Aerocomponents for machined parts supply, competitive quotes with fast turnaround at all times. Machined parts & the important supporting quality documentation is top rate too.

Mark Foy

General Manager, NAMMO Ireland

We find Aerocomponents Ltd to be a professional and flexible organisation. The quality of engagement and product supplied is excellent.

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