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Quality Control

As a company with a long term proven track record within the aerospace and defence industries we understand what quality means to our customers.

Our inspection process

Inspection is a critical part of our service. As well as each machine centre being equipped with online CAD stations and measuring gauges we also operate a dedicated inspection department with two full time quality control engineers. The inspection department is equipped with CMM equipment, profile projectors, toolmakers microscopes, hardness testers and a range of gauges & general measurement equipment.

Depending on the type of contract, most components will pass through the inspection department which is connected to our production management system and CAD/CAM department where they will be inspected and signed for. We offer full certificates of conformity and batch traceability.


Dimensional measurement

This involves measuring the length, width, and height of the component or product using precision measurement tools such as micrometers, calipers, or coordinate measuring machines (CMMs).


Surface finish measurement

This involves measuring the roughness or smoothness of the surface of the component or product using surface roughness testers.


Tolerance verification

This involves checking that the component or product is manufactured within the specified tolerances for each dimension or feature.


Material testing

This involves performing various tests on the material used to manufacture the component or product, such as hardness testing or material composition analysis.

Machine Inspection

One of the most critical components of our production facility are our machines. These are regularly inspected for tool wear as well as bearing and zeroing errors. Because we standardise on the Hurco machine centers we are able to take machines off line for inspection and repair as and when without any loss of production time.

Paul Greenhouse

Site Materials Lead, Honeywell Hymatic

Aerocomponents have a wide range of machinery and high technical ability to manufacture the most complex components. They have a highly skilled workforce who are always open to achieve any challenge put upon them

Nigel Kay

General Manager, NAMMO Cheltenham

Highly recommend Aerocomponents for machined parts supply, competitive quotes with fast turnaround at all times. Machined parts & the important supporting quality documentation is top rate too.

Mark Foy

General Manager, NAMMO Ireland

We find Aerocomponents Ltd to be a professional and flexible organisation. The quality of engagement and product supplied is excellent.

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